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"Moshi Moshi! This is Ama-- ahh... Inoue Toko! I'm probably at work right now, so please leave a message!"
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[What's that noise? That odd hissing and a musical, if not entirely on key hum?

Why it's a shower!

And who is in this shower?


Only the poor girl has no idea that her D-Comm has turned on.

The shower finally turns off, and the door opens about a minute later. And she has no idea that her home has been invaded.]

Oi. Book chick. You tap that new husband of yours yet?

[and Toko screams, shrilly, and there's a very loud CRASH as she goes toppling back through the door of the bathroom and hits the counter, apparently knocking a lot of things off it. She's only in a towel, so at least this is audio only.]


Wha-- oi oi oi! I ain't a monster, chicky!

[Toko screams AGAIN]


What are you doin' with that boo-- GYAAAH!

[the feed mercifully cuts off before the violence gets too heavy, but before it does the distinct sounds of a mistletoe getting pummeled with a book can be heard]
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[This is a bit of an odd post. It's just silence for several seconds.

And then.]

... --EHHH?!
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[There is a very adorable looking girl with very, very long pleated pigtails fiddling with the camera function on her D-Comm, leaning rather close to it with a somewhat confused expression.]

Ne... Boko-chan, is it working?

[a Bokomon pops her head over Toko's, giving a nod]

Yup yup! It's on!

Oh good!

[Toko claps her hands together excited and sits back, beaming brightly at the D-Comm.]

I didn't properly introduce myself last time I was using this. My name is Amano Toko. [she bows] I've been here for a few months now with my boyfriend Inoue Konoha. He works for the newspaper, and I work at the Axyori Library, which is actually something I wanted to talk about!

[the smile fades, but only enough to indicate she's speaking slightly more seriously now]

If anyone has been at that library before, you might not remember it very fondly. It wasn't very taken care of because the old digimon that was running it didn't have the help he needed. My partner, Boko-chan [here, she gestures to Bokomon, who waves cheerfully] worked there with only a few others, most of them part timers.

Well the library has since been passed on to Boko-chan's care, and myself along with Edwards-san--

Pst... didn't he ask you not to call him that?

Ahh... [a finger to her lips thoughtfully] He did. I'm sorry, Mitchell-san. [she laughs nervously] A-anyway, Mitchell-san and myself have managed to completely clean up the library and make it almost like new! All the shelves have been completely reorganized, and we even got new comfortable furniture for the reading areas!

It's not as big as some of the other libraries in the Digital World, but it's still a lovely, cozy place and we wanted to encourage everyone to visit it!

[a bit of a pause, with an awkward smile]

... ah. Was that all I was going to do?

I think so.

Alright then! Thank you all for listening!

[another bow, and she reaches forward to shut the comm off]
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It really is like a cell phone! And this decal is so cute!

Ah... Toko... you’re getting distracted. And you turned the recorder on.

Eh? Oh! Oh, right! I’m Amano Toko, and I’m a literature girl!

Literature girl?

Some one who loves all stories of the world!

You like books

Love books!

I do too! I work at Axoryi Library!

[gaaaasp] You work at a library?! You have to show me!

[yes, they have both completely forgot Toko was supposed to be introducing herself. Anyone listening is now treated to about a half an hour of babbling about books unless they care to interrupt the two]
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NAME: JeniOctavia
AGE: 26
EMAIL ADDRESS: jenioctavia@gmaillcom
AIM SCREENNAME & MAIN PERSONAL LJ ACCOUNT: jenioctavia/[livejournal.com profile] jenioctavia
OTHER CHARACTERS: Gakupo Kamui [livejournal.com profile] zerosamurai , Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury [livejournal.com profile] suseiaquaria [livejournal.com profile] suiseiaquaria , and Haku Yowane [livejournal.com profile] drunkkaraoke [livejournal.com profile] drunkkareoke 


NAME: Toko Amano
ALIAS: Literature Girl
SERIES/SOURCE: Bungaku Shojo//Literature Girl
AGE: 17 in canon, aged up to 19
GENDER: Female
OCCUPATION: Library Assistant

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